Eyes at half-mast.

I am tired today. Really tired. We have averaged a mere four and a quarter hours sleep per night over the past four nights and it is beginning to tell. Friday night, we caught up with two friends who are moving out of the area. They stayed late and we certainly didn’t discourage them, but the early rising the following morning to deal with a pile of tasks and a meeting didn’t help. Saturday night we visited Jane and Henry. It was the first time we have been invited to dinner there, but they are not the type to rush you through the courses and then politely hold the dor open. We left at around 11pm, drove home and were in bed with the light out at 1am-ish.






Eyes wide open in the dark, mind hamster wheeling. Somewhere between three and three-thirty I finally drift off, but vivid and disturbing dreams accopany me.

Sunday and another 7am arising to a task-stack, then a quick run over the hill to visit a workmate of the Manpet, who has recently had a knee replacement. While awake. His witty and colourful description of the operation and subsequent admission to intenstve care for complications had us laughing and cringing by turn. By the time we had swung by the kid’s place and caught up with Shmoo at the top of the Rimutakas, it was getting dark. Home to an early beddy-byes – lights out at 10pm.

12.30am. Eyes wide open. Hamster mind mode.




3.15am.  Alarm rings, as the Manpet has to go to Sydney for the day and the latest check-in time for the 6.30 departure is 4.30am. 1.40pm, the Sydney-Wellington plane finally arrives almost one and a half hours late. By the time the Manpet has gone through customs and we have driven home, it is 2.30am. We finally hit the pillows at 2.45, almost twenty-four hours after we arose. 8.30 am, and it is time to get up again.

I’m getting too old for this.

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