About about.

I finally decided to fill in the “About” page on this blog. The words flowed OK, but where the hell has the thing gone? I see no “About”, although it appears as an editable page on the dashboard. The process of loading a page and making it visible to a blaudience seems to be different from that of writing a mere entry. So as a temporary measure, I made a text box, which natively has a weeny-tiny font text in it, to act as a substitute.
I did switch from Live Journal because I wanted more of a challenge, didn’t I?

*stands looking up at steep curve*

[Edit] OK, I found the answer. A short(ish) search in the help section revealed that to display “About” as a page, you have to drag the Pages widget to the sidebar.

*blushes like a noob*

Quite a ‘duh’ really.  But I’ll leave it here, just in case some other poor sod needs it.

2 Responses to “About about.”

  1. sulz Says:

    searching at the faq @ http://faq.wordpress.com has answers for the general blogging problems here. otherwise, come visit the forums where we have a bunch of volunteers to guide you in your blogging troubles including your truly. 😉

    i like that your about page describe the meaning of matakiri (interesting), but i think your readers would also love to know the blogger him/herself. even if you want to stay anonymous, little things like age, interests, location helps for your reader to identify with you better. just a suggestion. 🙂

  2. matariki Says:

    Thanks for the tips, sulz. 🙂
    I spend a bit of time at the forums, usually after slogging around myself, trying to solve the problems. I’m like that. *grin*
    I’ll have a think about your suggestion re personal info. I’m very private, (so why do I have a blog, hmmm?) but can see the advantages of being able to be seen, as it were.

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