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So what happened next…..

August 20, 2010

……you may well ask.

I’m umming and ahhing about continuing this blog after such a long break, or starting afresh somewhere else. But, you see, I’ve done that before and the interwebs are littered with the remains of them. That seems to be my trade-mark – unfinished stuff. It was my Mum’s trade-mark too, and it drove me nuts after she departed, sorting through all her UFO’s. Half a jersey here, two thirds of a cardigan there, hobbies started and then abandoned, whether for lack of satisfaction and interest or just because she had too many things on the go I guess I’ll never know. Who was that jersey intended for and what the heck was this going to be? A well-meaning relative suggested that I finish all those things off, as a tribute to her, but there’s little or no joy in that, I feel. I did finish one thing for her and that was a cross-stitched work of flowers, which was then framed and presented to Dad. He was really chuffed with it so it was a good thing to have done. But all those half-life others were eventually laid to rest, with silent apologies.